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Available Photography Services

Bertie Victor Photography


I offer a variety of packages to suit your needs, including a detailed photo package as standard, and optional extras such as video walkthroughs, aerial imagery and footage, 360 tours and accurate floor plans. These packages suit a wide range of properties, from AirBnB owners, to estate agency and more.

My goal is to create a complete visual collection that reflects the quality and small details of your property.


At my photography studios, I understand the importance of visual appeal for businesses. A product image has to make a huge and meaningful impact in seconds and that's where I come in.

Whether you need stunning product images, lifestyle and in-situ images or video of products being used or beautifully crafted listing collections, I am here to bring your brand to life with creativity and precision editing.

Bertie Victor Photography Studio Acting and Modelling Photos


Showing confidence in the your business makes a huge difference. By having professional headshots of your team, you show the world that you mean business.

I can capture staff headshots at your business premises to avoid any lost productivity, and the final results will cast you in a more professional light over your competetion. Showcase your unique talent and potential with my studio sessions.

Bertie Victor Photography Studio Acting and Modelling Photos


Expressing yourself through a quality acting or modelling portfolio is key when advertising yourself to agents.

I have an eye for the small details and will capture your individual vibe in the studio to make you stand out. I capture with multiple outfit changes to give you the feel of several shoots in one. Agents look for diversity in your portfolio and that's what I give you.

 Choose quality, choose Bertie Victor.

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Welcome to Bertie Victor Photography

More about my Services


As a professional I understand my equipment, lighting and strive for the intricate details to get the best possible end result for all of my clients. I’d rather you can think about how you feel during a shoot rather than how you look, to get the best possible shot collection!

The process involved in capturing you and your business at your BEST has taken me many years to perfect. My workflow is adapted to work efficiently so I edit each image on it’s own merit, but also as a collection of images together. I take time and care over all of my photo edits, to make sure you are 100% happy.

Whether you are looking for Business headshots, a set of product imagery for website use, a property portfolio package – with Bertie Victor, image quality and story-telling is paramount to get the most distinctive images for you to showcase your project.


For image capture sessions I offer extra purchases through your private online gallery such as ultra high-definition prints, metal prints for spectacular wall art pieces, canvasses and many other options for complete collections to remember forever – all in varying size options for each of my clients. Get in touch for more information.

Customer Testimonials

Working with Bertie Victor as our event photographer was an absolute pleasure! His photos captured the essence of our event beautifully, showcasing the energy and excitement of the day. Not only were the photos amazing, but Bertie’s communication and professionalism throughout the process were outstanding. We will definitely be collaborating with him again for our future events. Highly recommend!

Liverpool Indie Film Awards

Welcome to Bertie Victor Photgraphy

More about my Services


Exceptional Property Collections with Bertie Victor

At Bertie Victor Photography, I specialise in bringing out the best in every property through my lenses. Whether it’s a cosy apartment, a sprawling estate, or a commercial space, I know how to highlight each property’s unique features..

Quality Photos, Delivered Digitally and Securely

Every photo I take undergoes meticulous editing and retouching to ensure clarity, brightness, and colour accuracy. I remove any imperfections and enhance each image to perfection, presenting your property in the best possible light.

Expert Retouching, Sky Replacement & Object Removal

I understand the importance of flawless property sets, and that’s why I offer a full retouching service, including object removal and blue sky additions, to ensure every shot looks their best in the final collection.

A Simple and No-Fuss Experience

Either have someone let me in, or I can collect keys – my no-fuss approach gives you peace of mind when booking property photography with Bertie Victor.

Capture the Story of Your Property

I believe every property has a unique story to tell. My mission is to capture that story through my lens, highlighting the distinctive features and character of each space.

   Comprehensive Imagery: I go beyond standard photos, creating a visual narrative that showcases the essence of your property. From sweeping exterior shots to detailed interior views, my images tell a complete and compelling story.

   Emotional Connection: I aim to evoke emotions and create a sense of connection with potential buyers. By focusing on the details that make your property special, I help viewers imagine themselves living in the space and experiencing its unique charm.

   Lifestyle Focus: My photography highlights the lifestyle that comes with the property. Whether it’s the cosy ambiance of a living room, the functional elegance of a kitchen, or the tranquility of a garden, I capture the elements that define how the space can be enjoyed.

Choose Bertie Victor Photography for Property Photography

When it comes to property photography, Bertie Victor Photography stands out as a trusted choice. Here’s why:

   Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the industry, Ihave the skills and knowledge to capture your property at its best. I understand the nuances of architectural and real estate photography, ensuring every shot highlights your property’s unique features.

   Professional Quality: I use top-of-the-line equipment and advanced techniques to deliver high-quality images. From high-resolution photos to stunning aerial shots, my work meets the highest standards of excellence.

   Tailored Services: I offer customised photography packages to suit your needs. Whether you need photos for a residential listing, commercial property, or rental, I provide services that align with your specific goals and vision.

   Fast Turnaround: I know the importance of timing in estate agency. That’s why I offer quick turnaround times without compromising on quality, ensuring you can market your property promptly and effectively.

Choose Bertie Victor Photography for your property photography needs and experience the difference that professional, high-quality images can make.


Stand Out in Business with Bertie Victor’s Product Photography Portfolios

In the competitive world of product selling, getting noticed is crucial to whether you win or fail. Let Bertie Victor’s product photography portfolio be your ticket to success! My detailed product photos are tailored to speak your brand, showcasing your unique singularity in a tough market, and leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Southport’s Premier Product Photography

At Bertie Victor Photography, I pride myself on delivering current and relevant photos that align perfectly with today’s fast-paced digital platforms. I understand the importance of presenting yourself as a company and brand, and my photography will help you stand out.

Expertise in Product Capture

With a finger on the pulse of product photography techniques, my research-driven approach ensures that your portfolio stays up-to-date and in line with industry demands. Whether you’re a seasoned company or just starting out, I offer bespoke product photography for all sizes of businesses.

Capturing Your Unique Brand and Look

Your product portfolio is a reflection of your business, and my goal is to imprint your essence into every photograph. From colour tones, to specific shot angles, my studio spaces are always buzzing with creativity and energy. Visit the gallery to see examples of my work with both small companies and bigger manufacturers.

Your Business Footprint is shown in Imagery

I understand that your product photography portfolio is more than just a collection of pictures; it’s your brand. With my expert help, you’ll receive a set of images that perfectly complement your brand and expertise in your field. Bertie Victor’s product photography assures you of quality, and I can provide different cropped images for different uses and platforms.

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your business with stunning photography. Stand out from the crowd and make a memorable impact on potential buyers. Contact me today to elevate your business with the artistry of Bertie Victor’s photography.


Capture the Best Headshots for Your Company with Bertie Victor’s Business Photography

At Bertie Victor, I understand the importance of a captivating portfolio for your company’s website and digital media platforms. My easy-to-follow guidelines ensure that I create the very best images that represent your brand professionally. There’s no second chances in this fast paced world of competitors, so make sure you do it right with Bertie Victor business photography.

Corporate Headshot Photography

My business headshots and corporate photography services offer a detailed and comprehensive approach. I provide various file formats as standard, suitable for multiple uses across print publications, web-based applications, and mobile development. When you choose Bertie Victor for your business photography, you can expect exceptional results driven by my knowledge of my craft, and the love for unique or creative elements.

Engaging Portraits to Drive Engagement

I take pride in creating photo portraits that truly engage your customer base, and understanding your team. My staff portrait photography services are carefully planned in collaboration with you and your team to highlight the best features of your business family.

Experience the Difference in Corporate Headshot Photography

Contact me today for a free quote and discover how my photography services can benefit your business. I am here to help you sell, sell, SELL!
With my concise and calculated business photography services, I guarantee outstanding results every time.

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