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Choosing a photographer for your needs can be daunting, so I want to break it down into simple steps to make it easy for you to understand why it's important to have a professional who knows what they are doing as your photographer.

  • Why do I need a professional photographer?

  • Bertie Victor in Southport is a photographer who understands the equipment, lighting factors and technical details to get the best results so you can think about how you feel rather than how you'll look. The processes involved in capturing a quality photo and the detailed retouching necessary for most agency, portfolio and printed images are complex and has taken many years to perfect. My workflow is adapted to work efficiently and cleanly, with presets I have created from scratch as part of my previous retouching sessions. I take time and care over all edits, to make sure you are 100% happy with your portfolio.
    Whether it's your wedding day photography, business headshots, modelling & acting casting portfolio or family portraits, image quality and story-telling is paramount in our photo collections to get the most distinctive images for you to show off.

  • What images do I need?

  • This depends on WHY you require your photograph taken. If you're an aspiring model or actor, you need a portfolio set and we have you covered. Regular acting and modelling portfolio updates should be considered to give agencies and management the opportunity to see how you progress year by year and adapt specific jobs for you within your field.

    For wonderful family memories to cherish and remember forever we can come to you (terms apply) or meet somewhere local to photograph you all together as a family unit. These outdoor sessions show off you and your character traits in a story-telling style. I love shooting candid moments, smiles and looks to each other - this is what makes you unique. I want to capture that love!

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    Wedding Photography Packages from Bertie Victor

    Wedding Photography Packages from Bertie Victor

    Liverpool wedding photographer Bertie Victor will capture memories to last a lifetime for you and your family. Stunning wedding photography collections to cherish your memories show your big day in glorious full colour and the happiness you shared with your loved ones on your special day.

    A wedding photoshoot is something I love to capture. The details that go into your wedding make it what it is and I will photograph the intimate moments on your special day. I aim to be the best wedding photographer in Liverpool. My candid wedding photography in a documentary-style format tells the unscripted natural story of your beautiful wedding day photographs.

    I also know that communication is important during the process of booking a wedding and I am available for questions you may have regarding your booking at any time. Bertie Victor photography caters for weddings in Liverpool and the surrounding areas such as Manchester, Preston, the Wirral and further out. Your wedding photos can be presented in beautiful layflat photo albums if you require, or on ultra high definition paper and metal prints. We want to give you the amazing wedding photography you deserve!

    I also offer engagement photoshoots, either in secret with a zoom lens if you want to surprise yor partner, or up close and personal for your engagement as a couple. I can be discreet for this type of engagement photography, and will not hesitate to hide in bushes if required! Don't wait to CONTACT ME direct on the email form and put in your request early.

    Pre Wedding Photography Price

    For those couples wanting pre wedding photography prices, please CONTACT ME DIRECT for a free quote on your pre wedding photoshoot to celebrate your union together. These tend to be similar in style and format to an engagement photography session and I get amazing results every time.

    Please contact us for more information, or see our Wedding photography page for more information.

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    Corporate and Business Photography from Bertie Victor

    Corporate and Business Photography from Bertie Victor

    Our easy to follow guidelines will ensure that we capture the very best portfolio images for your company website or digital media platforms.
    Headshots and business photography in Liverpool from Bertie Victor is a detailed service that includes as standard, various file formats for the multiple uses you will have for your photo collections. Whether it be formatting for print publications, web-based applications and even mobile development, choose Bertie Victor for your uk business photography. I pride our client's positive results on our knowledge of the equipment and love of unique and defined creative elements.

    I create assets for your business that will engage your customer base, drive traffic and ultimately increase sales. Product photography by Bertie Victor is carefully thought out and planned with you and your team to display the best of your products and services.
    Contact us for a free quote and details on how we can help you. I'm here to help you sell, sell, SELL! Business photography in Southport is a concise and calculated service, every time.

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    Modelling and Acting Photography Portfolios from Bertie Victor

    Modelling and Acting Photography Portfolios
    from Bertie Victor

    With so many aspiring unique people available to agencies and casting panels when it comes to modelling or acting positions, it can be tough to get noticed! With a modelling photography portfolio collection by Bertie Victor you'll see positive results instantly. The set of modelling photos I produce will speak your language and showcase you at your very best and beautiful! I pride my Liverpool modelling photography on being current and relevant in today's pace of digital platforms, and advertising yourself as a self employed professional.

    I regularly research into fashion modelling trends, tv and film patterns. I can offer a bespoke photography or headshot session for all walks of visual professionals. In acting, We all have our own style and appearance and I want to imprint that into your acting portfolio photographs. Liverpool acting photography sets are one of my specialties in this field, please visit the gallery to see examples.

    I know that your model and acting photography portfolio is your key to future castings, and essentially your working CV. I will ensure you get the right set of images that compliment your style and professional aims. Bertie Victor model photography in Liverpool will justify your professional worth with quality - we also include black and white variations of your images.

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    Family Photography Sessions from Bertie Victor

    Family Photography Sessions from Bertie Victor

    Beautiful photography collections to cherish forever with our family photography shoots. Presented in stunning layflat photo albums if you require or in ultra high definition prints of different sizes.

    Our family photography in the North West show off your wonderful family group as one amazing team! Flattering groups shots and considered family portraits in Southport as well as catering to the whole UK and western Europe upon request. I want to achieve the best results every time and allow you all to enjoy the session and have fun as a family!

    For families with younger children I can provide cuddly toys to keep attention toward the camera and I love interacting with you during your family photos in Southport and Liverpool! There's absolutely no nerves needed during your family photoshoot with Bertie Victor, as I will make you feel completely at ease and tell the beautiful story of your family in my images.

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    Newborn Photography Sessions from Bertie Victor

    Newborn Photography Sessions from Bertie Victor

    Creative Southport newborn photography sessions from Bertie Victor give you stunning photography collections to remember the early days of your children in with fond memories. Available in gorgeous layflat photo albums if required, or as ultra high definition prints to display on your walls.

    Our newborn baby photography in Liverpool show your beautiful family together celebrating your new family members. Detailed newborn photos are carefully planned and shot and I love working with children of all ages! Manchester newborn photography is easy to book, and we can come to you in most cases, just use the contact form on the wesbite to let us know when you're due to give birth and we can arrange a time to come to you within the first few days, for maximum confort during the session.

    For families with other children I can incorporate the siblings into photo sessions if you require, children are surprisingly delicate with newborns and allows for some truly magnificent moments. There's absolutely no nerves needed during your newborn photography in Southport, as I will make you feel completely relaxed and tell the beautiful story of your new family addition in my photography.

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  • How can I display my new photos?

  • For weddings and family portraits, we offer extra purchases such as ultra high definition prints, metal prints for spectacular wall art pieces, and stunning layflat photo albums for complete collections to cherish forever - all in varying size options. There are various options for Model and Acting portfolios in Liverpool and Manchester such as digital collections in full quality with no watermarks. Just get in touch using the CONTACT FORM and we can have a casual chat about what you need and how to achieve your goals quickly!

    Agency modelling or acting portfolios will be delivered digitally for quick download, or via USB storage so you can choose which images to send to your contacts or agencies. The images are retouched and sent in full resolution in multiple formats.

    Corporate images will usually be delivered via usb storage, with secondary digtial backups available online. For a more detailed package, please contact me direct.

    For businesses who want to give their website or social media platforms a boost, I have extensive packages to suit all budgets. Specialising in corporate headshots, I also organise detailed product photography sessions to showcase your products. These sessions are best performed under the studio lights in a controlled environment. The attention to detail you put into manufacturing your products is reflected in Bertie Victor corporate and business photography without compromising your core values and professional image.
    I perform Corporate and business photography in Liverpool, Southport, Ormskirk, Manchester and surrounding areas of the North West.

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    WE ARE FULLY OPERATIONAL - taking studio and outdoor bookings!

    Please note that we are continuing to sanitise our equipment regularly, taking preventative measures to enforce reasonable social distancing. Masks are worn during studio sessions where necessary and safe to do so.
    I make sure that both my own, and all my client's safety is paramount. We want you to feel totally safe and relaxed during our sessions.
    Take care and wash your hands regularly.
    Thank you. Clean and sanitised equipment and premises by Bertie Victor