Anniversary Photoshoot – 

Celebrating Love and Laughter: A Memorable Photo Session with Heather and Paul

At my photo studio in Ormskirk, I recently had the pleasure of hosting a heart-warming photo session with the lovely couple Heather and Paul. As they approached their 40th wedding anniversary, they wanted to capture their enduring love and joy in a series of timeless photographs, as they have done for each milestone, and I was more than thrilled to be a part of their celebration.

Creating the Perfect Setting:

Preparing for the photo session is always an exciting process. I meticulously set up the studio lights to create a warm and inviting ambiance that complemented Heather and Paul’s laughter & smiles. The backdrop colour, carefully chosen to reflect their personalities, and choice of final print, added a touch of simplicity to the images, allowing their love to take centre stage.

A Session Filled with Laughter:

From the moment Heather and Paul stepped into the studio, the atmosphere was filled with laughter and genuine affection. The couple’s love for each other was obvious, making every shot a true reflection of the warmth and happiness they share. As I clicked away, I encouraged them to be themselves, resulting in a series of candid moments that captured their connection. I could instantly tell that it was Heather who had a flair for making people laugh with her infectious mannerisms and glorious laughs. My cheeks were sore after this session from smiling so much! 

Capturing Memories: Over 100 Images:

Throughout the photo session, I was inspired by the couple’s enthusiasm and genuine camaraderie. The camera never stopped clicking, capturing over 100 images that depicted the essence of their love story. From intimate embraces to playful laughter, each frame painted a picture of a love that will stand the test of time.

The Power of Choice: A Private Digital Gallery:

After the photo session, I meticulously curated the images, after a detailed editing session, to create a private digital gallery for Heather and Paul. This personalised gallery allowed them to relive their special time with me and select their favourite memories from the extensive collection.


Cherished Memories – Digital Downloads:

I believe that my clients should have the power to choose the images that resonate with them the most. With this philosophy, Heather and Paul were delighted to be able to choose 25 images from the collection as high-resolution digital downloads, as well as the final image they would receive as a black and white print they requested.

A Timeless Keepsake: The 10×8 Inch Black and White Print:

To commemorate their 40th wedding anniversary, I gave Heather and Paul a high-quality 10×8 inch black and white print as requested in their initial brief. This classic and elegant print will serve as a cherished memento of their love and commitment, symbolising the beauty of their longstanding journey together.

Preserving Love for a Lifetime:

At Bertie Victor Photography, I believe that every love story deserves to be celebrated and preserved. My photo sessions are a testament to love, and I am honoured to capture the special moments that weave these beautiful narratives together. Contact me today to book your own personalised photo session and let us tell your unique story through stunning images.

“My wife and I used Bertie to take photos of us for our 40th wedding anniversary. Not only were the photos superb, Bertie made the photo shoot fun and memorable. Highly recommended!”