A Birthday Party to Remember!

 Celebrating a Momentous Occasion:  

Delve into the heart-warming story of a remarkable 90th birthday celebration for a truly remarkable woman. Capturing the values of this milestone, I embarked on a journey to create visuals for an occasion that would be etched in the minds of her loved ones.

Every detail was meticulously curated to honor a life rich with memories and experiences. My lens captured the laughter and the loving embraces that wove together the tapestry of nine extraordinary decades. 

Creating the Perfect Setting:

My lenses weaved a tale of elegance and nostalgia by crafting the perfect setting for each photograph. The venue itself, the beautifully green and sunny garden, adorned with bunting and flowers, was gorgeous! Against this backdrop I captured laughter and moments of quiet reflection that painted a vivid portrait of a wonderful recipient of this party atmosphere. 

A Session Filled with Laughter:

A shoot with boundless laughter and hugs a plenty was inevitable. Generations gathered under one roof to celebrate lighthearted anecdotes exchanged between friends, and smiles shared between family members – a life brimming with happiness and love. Through my photographs I immortalised the genuine love, the hearty chuckles, and the playful interactions that echoed the sentiment that age is but a number when the heart remains forever young. 

Capturing Memories: Over 100 Images:

Throughout the photo session, I was inspired by the family’s love for each other and genuine camaraderie. The camera never stopped clicking, capturing over 100 images that showed the their story. 

The Power of Choice: A Private Digital Gallery:

After the photo session, I carefully selected the very best images to create a private digital gallery for the whole family to enjoy. This personalised gallery allowed them to relive their special day and download their memories from the extensive collection.


Lifelong Memories

I believe that my clients should have the power to choose the images that resonate with them the most for printing. The family were delighted to be able to download the entire collection as high-resolution digital downloads, and print any images they really loved, preserving their treasured moments forever.

Preserving the Love for generations:

At Bertie Victor Photography, I believe that every celebration and story deserves to be preserved. My photo sessions are always taken carefully and deliberately.

Contact me today to book your own personalised photo session for your own milestones and let me tell your unique story through amazing imagery.

Just had Bertie Victor Photography at my Nan’s 90th birthday party which we held in our back garden. Took loads of casual candid photographs and a set of posed group photographs. Super patient and has taken loads of beautiful photographs to capture the day, I’d highly recommend him!