: Simplifying Outfit Selection for your Family Photoshoot : 

As you organise a family photoshoot, the one question that invariably pops up is, “What should our outfits be?

Coordinating clothing for everyone can be overwhelming, particularly for busy parents, leading to last-minute decisions that may not look great on camera. However, there’s no need to stress! By using a few practical tips, I can narrow down your options and bring a clear direction to your wardrobe for the photoshoot.

Consider The Location

Where we shoot is always something to consider when picking out clothes that are functional and will look cohesive with the setting. For example, when I work at the beach I like to pick out light colours and soft textures that will compliment the wide open scenery. A Flowy linen dress and earthy neutral tones create a casual and luxurious vibe for women, and simple coloured shirts and neutral trousers.

Texture & Pattern Tips

Improve your style by incorporating delightful textures like linen, knitwear, and high-quality denim into your outfits. These elements bring a touch of sophistication to each family member’s attire. For a refreshing twist, experiment with subtle floral patterns to complement solid colours. Just remember to designate just one family member to wear the patterned piece, to avoid visual overload.

Shaping Style to Perfection

Achieving style perfection lies in the right outfit shapes. For outdoor sessions, embrace flow of a dress that adds movement and allure to your look. In a studio setting, opt for a form-fitting ensemble to beautifully showcase a baby bump. Embrace relaxed loose-fitting clothing or the sophistication of form-hugging outfits to make a bold statement.

Coordinating Outfits

Okay, you know the basic guidelines and you’re wondering where to start. Let’s break down the steps I take when I do a wardrobe consultation with a family.

When crafting ideal family photoshoot outfits, I always begin with the parents. Their looks serve as the foundation upon which to build outfits for the rest of the family. Coordinating the attire of Mums and Dads is crucial since they typically occupy the most significant space in the frame. Once we finalising their outfits, selecting ensembles for the kids becomes a breeze.

Don’t Forget the Shoes

Stepping into style requires paying attention to the often-forgotten element – the shoes. Shoes hold immense importance in elevating your family’s overall appearance in photos. Embrace footwear made from natural materials like leather or sandals for a summer session. In winter opt for comfortable, sleek boots in black or brown with minimal details for all family members.

Winter Outdoor Photoshoots

When venturing for outdoor winter photoshoots, comfort takes centre stage. The last thing you want is discomfort from taking coats on and off between shots to keep warm. By aligning style and comfort for outer layers, you can stay cozy and maintain genuine smiles throughout the session. Remember, comfortable clothes are the key to capturing the best family moments in the chilly outdoors.

A Few Quick Tips


Dress It Up

Step out of your fashion comfort zone fearlessly. Embrace a flowy dress or venture into the world of fashionable linen pants. Increase the feeling of style by opting for pieces and accessories that go beyond the ordinary, adding flair to your wardrobe.

The Little Details

Personal touches through accessories can transform your portraits into stunning masterpieces. A delicate necklace or a set of charming earrings can infuse your photos with unique character and style. Don’t forget to pamper your nails too, as they play a vital role in drawing attention in family photos, ensuring your portraits exude a refined and sophisticated vibe.

How Will This Look On Your Walls?

Preserving family memories in wall art is a popular choice among my clients, who often wish to display our session’s photos at home. While the idea of “coordinating with the couch” might raise an eyebrow, it holds a profound significance in seamlessly fusing your living room’s decor with captivating statement pieces.

A Few Things To Avoid


I am passionate about crafting a timeless aesthetic in my photography. Logos have the potential to date a photograph instantly and, more importantly, they tend to distract viewers from the genuine moment being captured.

Unnatural Colours

As mentioned earlier, I strongly recommend sticking with natural colours for your outfits. Bright tones tend to clash with each other, making it challenging to achieve a cohesive look. Moreover, in certain lighting conditions they may even reflect onto your face causing unwanted discoloration.

Intense Bold Patterns

As mentioned earlier, I strongly recommend sticking with natural colours for your outfits. Bright jewel tones tend to clash with each other, making it challenging to achieve a cohesive look. Moreover, in certain lighting conditions, they may even reflect onto your face, causing unwanted discoloration.