Making the right clothing choice for your Christmas Mini Session Photoshoot :

Family Christmas Portraits by Bertie Victor in Formby

Preparing for a Christmas-themed family photo session during the festive season brings up a common question: “What should our attire be?”

I understand that coordinating outfits for your whole family can feel like a daunting task sometimes, especially for busy parents. Rushed decisions made at the last minute might not translate well on camera, but fret not I’m here to help. With a few practical suggestions, I can streamline your choices and guide you towards a well-defined wardrobe direction for your festive photoshoot.

Consider Your Festive Setting

The location where we capture your moments plays a crucial role in outfit selection. It’s essential to choose clothing that not only complements the environment but also presents a cohesive look. As my Christmas sessions are usally performed indoors in a studio setting with a backdrop and dedicated lighting, getting it right is a little easier than if we were outdoors. 

Texture & Pattern Tips

When it comes to textures and patterns, consider embracing cozy knits, soft flannels, and luxurious velvet fabrics in bright colours. These textures not only evoke a sense of warmth but also add depth and dimension to your photos. For patterns, classic plaid and tartan designs can add a charming touch of tradition, while subtle metallic accents can infuse a hint of glamour and sparkle. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these elements, creating a harmonious ensemble that reflects the joy and togetherness of the holiday season. Whether you’re snuggled up by the fireplace or frolicking in the snow, your carefully chosen textures and patterns will enhance the overall aesthetic of your Christmas family photos.

Christmas family photos from Bertie Victor

Coordinating Outfits

Coordinating your clothing choices can transform your photos into timeless keepsakes that capture the spirit of the holiday season.

Start by selecting a cohesive color palette that exudes holiday charm – think rich reds, forest greens, and elegant neutrals. Imagine pairing a cozy cable-knit sweater with a flowing tulle skirt. To achieve a polished look, ensure that everyone’s outfits are on the same style wavelength – whether it’s casual chic or formal elegance. Incorporate subtle elements like matching accessories or complementary patterns, such as scarves or snowflake motifs, to tie the ensemble together. With meticulous attention to detail, your coordinated outfits will create a striking visual harmony that beautifully represents your family’s festive spirit.

Shoes ARE important!

Step into the magic of the holiday season with thoughtful shoe choices: your footwear can play a pivotal role in completing the overall look and enhancing the festive ambiance of your photos. Opt for footwear that aligns with style of your session – whether it’s a cozy, casual gathering or a more formal affair. Classic leather boots can add a touch of rustic charm, while elegant heels or dressy loafers bring a sophisticated edge.

For a playful twist, consider coordinating shoes that subtly match the color scheme of your outfits. Delicate flats for an indoor studio setup work well. The right pair of shoes will not only complement your family’s clothing choices but also add an extra layer of appeal to your holiday memories.

Christmas Family Portrait setup in Formby and Southport by Bertie Victor Photography

A Few Quick Tips


Dress It Up

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your family’s indivdual style while embracing the enchantment of the season. Consider sophisticated ensembles that ooze elegance and glamour, like timeless cocktail dresses for women and tailored suits for men. Incorporate rich textures such as velvet or satin to add a touch of opulence to your look. Accessorise with statement jewelry, bowties, or pocket squares to improve the overall aesthetic. By embracing a touch of extravagance your family will shine with confidence and create photographs that capture a truly magical Christmas experience.

The Little Details

Every thread, accessory, and choice of fabric weaves a story that reflects your family. From a delicate snowflake pendant to the fine stitching on a tailored blazer. Embrace themed elements like scarves, festive headbands, or playful reindeer socks to infuse a touch of whimsy. These subtle nuances create a tapestry of visuals that will get noticed. With consideration your Christmas family photos will become a treasure trove of intricate beauty, capturing the Christmas magic.

How Will This Look On Your Walls?

When selecting your outfits, envision how the colours and tones will harmonise with your interior palette. Rich burgundies, forest greens, and shimmering golds can add a regal touch, while soft neutrals create an understated elegance. Think about the textures and patterns that resonate with your home decor – whether it’s a knitted sweater that mirrors your rustic aesthetic or a blazer that complements your modern style. By thinking about how these images will integrate seamlessly into your living space, you’re not only creating stunning portraits but also crafting a harmonious story that becomes an integral part of your home’s ambiance. You are able to order many different prints of your favourite images direct through your Bertie Victor gallery!

Check out this Pintrest Board of what to wear for your Christmas Mini Sessions by Jessa.

A Few Things To Avoid

When preparing for your Christmas-themed family photo session, it’s essential to consider what to avoid in order to ensure your portraits are as magical as the season itself. Steer clear of clashing patterns or overly busy designs that might distract from the essence of togetherness. Opt for timeless classics over trendy fads, as they stand the test of time and won’t feel dated in years to come.

Avoid fluorescent or extremely bright colors, as they can dominate the frame and overshadow the warmth of your family’s connection. Likewise, large logos or graphics can detract from the intimate charm of the occasion. Keep in mind that overly casual attire, like worn-out trainers or faded jeans, might not align with the festive feel of the season. By sidestepping these pitfalls, your family will shine brightly in photographs that capture the heartwarming essence of your own personal Christmas celebration.