Everyone has a beginning..

I started my creative journey trying all that I could when I was younger. Out of College as a freelance graphic designer I would create posters and logo designs for bands, CD cover artwork, gig posters, and more. I have always loved the art of pencil and ink drawing and I try to translate that emotive flow in my photography. I still draw to this day and each year participate in Inktober, a one drawing a day for a month drawing community with a list of suggestions for each day of the month - a way of inspiring you to create a whole new set of imagery.

At university I was a music studio engineer working with musicians in varying levels of studios and venues. I started my own audio recording business and did this for over 12 years. This took me far and wide, travelling across Europe with different artists as a stage manager and mix engineer for large private events. This progressed to organising events and creating bespoke graphics and social media assets for these events myself. I trained to use video and photo editing software which allowed me to make content for business websites. A transition to portrait and product photography was inevitable.


Bertie Victor


Creating a Portrait Portfolio

For the last four years I have shot portraits, events and candid docu-style headshots for many people in the UK and have been really lucky to get overseas portrait work with many wonderful families and private parties. I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time in France for the Le Mans 24hr race seasons over the last ten years. I now spend my time there doing custom shoots for people wanting something different in the surrounding areas involving their beautifully extravagant expensive cars, their friends and family groups, and corporate seasonal shoots..

I really enjoy the portrait aspect of my work, and I prefer the less formal style headshots to tell the character of my subjects.The candid style photos I take have a story-telling quality to them and I portray those images in glorious full detail through my client galleries which are password protected for your security.

I use my photo studio in Southport to perform portfolio work for actors and models. Consistent background options, correct lighting and a large indoor space makes Bertie Victor's studio modelling photography in Southport a fun experience, and it is available to all. I have a great relationship with Express Kids Casting in Southport - I capture acting photo collections for their roster of under 18 casting applicants..You can see some of these examples in the gallery.

I was honoured to be asked to shoot a stunning wedding in early 2019 and created a wonderful portfolio of memories for this couple to remember forever.Since then I have shot many weddings and am always learning new techniques to improve the character and soul of my story-telling wedding photography. Contact me for more info on how I can capture your big day!

I am always interested in doing something new and unique so don't hesitate to ask if you have something different in mind than the traditional wedding portfolio!
Please contact me direct using the contact form in the menu. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Bertie Victor would love to capture you at your best!


Qualities of My Photography

Creativity and Inspiration

I treat my photography work as art. It requires creative drive and imaginative framing. A great photographer can see something somewhat ordinary, and paint a stunning picture of the emotive mindset it portrays. Beautiful and meaningful, story-telling photographs make for intruige and wonder. I want to capture the essence of you with added flair.

Composition is key to a great photograph and I include all that is necessary to convey the personal message or values of your images.

An Eye for Detail

An excellent photographer has a eye for detail that is more trained than the average photographer. The mixture between the main elements within the frame; lighting, composition, subjects and everything else in between, work in harmony to create the best photography.

Key elements to our photography - Composition, Lighting, Emotion, Clarity and Story-Telling. The smallest detail can make or break a photograph so having an experienced photographer who is meticulous in process, is vital to produce the perfect photography set.

Patience and Adaptability

There will be a day when things go wrong - bad weather, awful lighting, bad hair days. But I am patient and calm in all situations. Patience is key to being a great photographer. It may take many shots to get the desired results but I am able to analyse when to change tactics on the fly to overcome these issues quickly and effectively. My experience has taught me many things like to always have spare batteries, cards and cables! I am always prepared for the inevitable and unexpected, just incase.

People Skills

Being a professional photographer means working with lots of demanding people such as business clients working to a deadline, a model wanting specific shots or even alongside a fellow photographer for a larger job. Being a good photographer means being polite and curteous, but being an professional means going the extra mile to make sure the client is over-satisfied. Good work yields good results and I always want a happy client.
I am able to stand up and direct people and groups when necessary, but would always prefer the natural, candid look of my portrait and wedding photography.


What sets a great photographer apart from the others? Passion and flair for the love of the photography and it's ability to inspire and move people. I care about the details and enjoy the editing process just as much as the shooting itself. This is where my creativity can come out and I can show my retouching skills in their full glory.

I hope my passion shines through in my work. It takes a lot of time and effort to make it as a professional photographer, and I work hard with a meaningful drive to help others along the way. My photography is my craft and I love the meet people on my adventures.


Working areas by Bertie Victor Photography

Our most worked areas - always happy to travel out further on request!



Wedding Photography Packages from Bertie Victor

Wedding photography isn't something that we get more than one chance at, but when you have organised your special day to the last detail, you need the photographs done right. I am meticulous in detail when taking and editing your images. I prefer the natural look and softer colour tones so give a feel of the magic of the day.

Being successful as a photographer, to me, is about mixing the quality of the final images and the service provided. I hope the images you see on the website and my Instagram speak for themselves, I like to think I can allow each couple to enjoy the photography as an experience rather than it feeling like a high-pressure situation. Almost every client I see starts a little nervous, as it's always a different experience having your photo taken, and they may have been put-off from previous experiences with other photographers. I will make you feel relaxed and comfortable

We can start by talking about what you would like on your big day and how I can make that a reality, just send a message on tha contact for in the menu, or call me direct!



Corporate Photography Photos from Bertie Victor

Business moves faster than ever and Bertie Victor understands the importance of quick turnaround times and quality sets of images that speak volumes about your brand. Atention to detail is second to none and the aim is to drive traffic and sales through effective marketing and promotion of your company and it's assets by using current trends to keep ahead of the competition.

Choose Bertie to create a portfolio set for individual or a specific line of products, business process documentation, marketing for social media, headshots of staff and other areas of photography and retouching services. 

 Professional Property & Estate Agency Photography Photos from Bertie Victor

I work with Estate agents to capture full property portfolios, including video walkthroughs, sneak peek clips for social media and promotional material for branding and events. I have captured and delivered photos and videos for over 600 properties in the last 18 months. My turnround time for these collections is usually between 1-4 days and each one is perfected to show off that propertie's character and features. Get in touch for a quote on property photography in the North West, or video walkthroughs from Bertie Victor.

See my extensive property portfolio > HERE <   For a free quote and details on how I can help you feel free to message any time for a direct discussion with me - I want to help you sell sell sell!



Model & Actor Portolio Photography from Bertie Victor

I want you to walk out of my studio happy that the set of images are speaking your language and showcasing you at your best! I pride my photos on being current and relevant in today's fast moving digital age. With constant research into fashion, catwalk, tv and film trends I can offer a bespoke session for all types of visual professionals. We all have a look and a style unique to each of us, and I want to imprint that into your modelling or acting portfolio images.

I know that your portfolio is your key to work and essentially your working CV, so Bertie Victor will ensure you get the right set of images that compliment your style and professional aims.



Family Photography from Bertie Victor

Beautiful photography collections to cherish for all time, I  want you to remember the good times with our family photography sessions. Presented in stunning layflat albums if you require, or in ultra high definition prints of ranging sizes, our family photographs show your family unit as one. Flattering groups shots and considered portraits, I want the best results every time and to allow you all to enjoy the session and have fun! 

For families with younger children I can provide cuddly toys to keep attention toward the camera, and I love interacting with you! There's no nerves needed duting our photoshoots as I will make you feel at ease and tell the beautiful story of your family.


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Bertie Victor would love to capture you at your best!

WE ARE FULLY OPERATIONAL - taking studio and outdoor bookings!

Please note that we are continuing to sanitise our equipment regularly, taking preventative measures to enforce reasonable social distancing. Masks are worn during studio sessions where necessary and safe to do so.
I make sure that both my own, and all my client's safety is paramount. We want you to feel totally safe and relaxed during our sessions.
Take care and wash your hands regularly.
Thank you. Clean and sanitised equipment and premises by Bertie Victor