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I love to travel and explore new places in the world, and write about my experiences shared through my photography. Please take some time to read through the entries, you may find something you enjoy or get ideas from.
Ideas are what we are made of and if I can inspire just one of you then great!

There are ideas involving toy photography that you can perform with your children, travel photography describing the beautiful countries and areas I have visited over the years, and many other adventures my photography has taken me on.

Read on..

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I love to travel. I like the feeling of being somewhere new and fresh on my eyes.

Just taking in the surroundings for the first time and having a new experience. It's the spice of life and I want to continue to do it!

I have been to a lot of places, some nice, some not so nice! But I get a fizzy feeling walking into the unknown. Some of the most fabulous places I have visited include Canada, specifically Toronto and then Niagra Falls. The feeling of that immense amount of water rushing up against the boat whilst I was just a passenger is awe inspiring.
I have visited the Greek islands on many occasions. Crete is the most wonderful place - on arrival you smell the olives in the air, the mountains and valleys provide intense scenic views and the food is heart warming and an experience like no other. I would hire a motorcycle and ride up and down to find the most amazing photo spots. Stopping to take in the fresh air and great vibes from local food vendors near beaches, or in small villages.

I also shoot miniature photography - toys, figures, and vehicles in scenes to provide a kid-friendly fun element to my portfolio. Children have an amzing abiity to see things differently and I just love how good their imaginations are at creating a scenario and playing it out with toys, so it makes me want to do that too!

A late-night hobby of mine is Astrophotography. Seeing the stars flying by over the course of an evening whilst comfortable in a cosy hammock, you get to visualise the workd a different way. I have witnessed shooting stars, meteorites, comets and nebulae from the comfort of my home or surrounding areas. Get somewhere dark with little street lighting, preferably in the wilderness, and look up. It makes for a better night than sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, I promise!

So here I will talk in my blog about my adventures and people I meet on my travels. I recently climbed up to the Old Man of Coniston for some Lake District Photography. Since Covid hit it's been difficult to get out of the country but I'm planning on some new trips in the near future. Stay tuned for more photography blog content from Bertie Victor. Much love.

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