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Business Photography from Bertie Victor Photography. Reach out to me for a free quote.


Quality business photography in the UK from Bertie Victor


Using the latest high definition camera tech & prime focus lenses, I showcase your business assets through my product photography for online stores, social media and your key audiences. Lighting, focus, framing & backdrop are just some of the considerations for product photography in the North West.
With Bertie Victor you get the very best quality images that will entice customers to spend longer browsing your website and social media platforms to improve the probability of sales. I also offer photo retouching services , get in touch via the contact page.


I offer bespoke on-location staff headshots in the UK that will empower your staff & give you the best images in your field. I can photograph on location at your business with a pop-up studio, or you can come to our photography studios in Southport, Ormskirk or Formby in the North West.
Staff headshot photography from Bertie Victor is a unique and personal service. I service the entire North West of England, and can travel further on request.

For events please contact me for more info & commercial photography/videography bookings.


There are a number of different options available for your corporate photography packages.

For any other type of imagery or more information on specifics,
please get in touch direct using the contact page in the menu.


Staff Headshots from £349

I understand that the first impression is crucial, and my aim is to capture the essence of your team members through engaging headshots.

Whether it’s for your corporate website, professional profiles, or marketing materials, we ensure that each headshot reflects your employees’ unique qualities and character. Let us help you leave a lasting impact with headshots that inspire confidence and professionalism in your business.

  • Head & shoulder portraits
  • Up to 8 staff (more on request)
  • Multiple poses/angles
  • Choice of background colour
  • Private digital gallery


Products from £179

I know that a captivating image is worth a thousand words when it comes to showcasing your products.

Whether you’re an e-commerce business, or an established brand, I provide high-quality product photography that highlights the unique features and craftsmanship of your items. From sleek modern compositions to lifestyle shots I tailor each photo to align with your brand’s vision. Video footage for platforms in various formats also available.

  • Small run of products
  • Large collections
  • Macro close ups
  • White shop style backdrops
  • Watermarking service


Docu-style from £349

I believe that behind every successful company lies a compelling narrative, and Bertie Victor is dedicated to capturing the essence of your brand and the people who make it thrive.

I document the day-to-day operations and interactions that drive your business forward. From behind-the-scenes shots of your team collaborating to dynamic images of your products in action, my photography breathes life into your brand’s identity

  • Full working day photography
  • Staff duties
  • Products in action
  • Sales or business techniques
  • Video footage also available


AirBnBs from £129

I capture the true feel and beauty of spaces. Bertie Victor has a deep appreciation for architecture and design.

Whether you’re an AirBnB owner, an interior designer, or a short term rental owner looking to showcase your property; stunning interior shots that highlight unique features to captivating exterior & aerial images that embrace the surroundings, achieve success with Bertie Victor.

  • Interior, exterior & aerial collections
  • Stunning walkthrough videos
  • Detail shots 
  • Careful retouching
  • Quick turnaround


Full coverage from £1299

– Headshot portraits of staff

– Up to 40 staff (contact for more)

– Team shots in multiple poses

– Choice of background colour

– Candid working practice shots

– Video footage also available

– Private digital gallery


I can provide physical prints through the client area.

Easy to order – I offer small or large size wall art and prints

so you can showcase your images in full effect.

Metal and Ultra HD paper prints up to A2, larger on request.

Ultra HD prints are available in a wide range of sizes and formats

See the client area for more information.

My easy to follow guidelines will ensure that I capture the very best portfolio images for your company website or digital media platforms.
Headshots and business photography from Bertie Victor is a detailed service that includes as standard, various file formats for the multiple uses you will have for your photo collections. Whether it be formatting for print publications, web-based applications and even mobile development, choose Bertie Victor for your UK business photography. I pride my client’s positive results on my knowledge of the equipment and love of unique and defined creative elements.

I create assets for your business that will engage your customer base, drive traffic and ultimately increase sales. Product photography by Bertie Victor is carefully thought out and planned with you and your team to display the best of your products and services.
Contact me for a free quote and details on how I can help you. I’m here to help you sell, sell, SELL!



A wonderfully vibrant company specialising in personalised products. You Personalise create all manner of items with personalisation from mugs to memorial plaques, Pens to T-shirts. Based in Burscough in the North West, they offer an affordable way to gift loved ones and friends for the special occasions in their lives.

With so may of their wares reaching so many people, it’s no wonder they’re rated top among UK sellers for this type of personalised product lines.


See more information here:


A group of people of vastly different backgrounds who came together in order to make an impact on reducing the spread of coronavirus specifically for the working public. They have researched, developed, designed and manufactured ASN Masks – Actively Supporting NHS Charities with profits. Based in the Cotswolds, Merseyside, Cheshire and London.

Bertie Victor is happy to be able to give something back to the amazing NHS and care workers that have given up their lives to save the people of this country on a daily basis, especially during the pandemic. Thank you NHS!

See more information here:



A design company specialising in personalised products that are one of the top Amazon recommendations on their Amazon store and Etsy for multiple product lines.

Working closely with them to adhere to store guidelines and brand values, Bertie Victor has produced a number of image collections for their most popular products.

See more information here:




I offer a variety of packages to suit your needs, including mini sessions, from intimate portraits to playful candid shots, all set against picturesque backdrops that showcase your family's personalities.

My goal is to create a complete visual collection that reflects the love, laughter, and warmth that fills your home.


At my photography studio, I understand the importance of visual appeal for businesses.

Whether you need stunning product images, professional headshots, or detailed interior photography for AirBnBs, I am here to bring your brand to life with creativity and precision editing.

Bertie Victor Photography Studio Acting and Modelling Photos


Confidence is key in the modelling and acting world.

My photoshoots are not just about capturing beautiful images; they are also empowering experiences that boost your self-assurance and determination. Showcase your unique talent and potential with my studio sessions.

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Customer Testimonials

“We had a very large historical map that was badly damaged. It was one of two known to exist. We were trying to get copies to preserve it as our original is going to a museum . Bertie accepted the challenge and produced a very high quality reproduction. I could not be more pleased.”

Ian T.