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Photography sets to suit all family sizes, even if you require something totally unique!

Timeless style Family Photography by Bertie Victor

Style that's timeless

Bertie Victor's style of candid and documentary-style photography ensures the photographs tell the unscripted story of your family unit. I prefer not to pose or choreograph images too heavily as everyone is different and your family has their own unique vibe.

Family photos don’t have to be boring as your memories are precious, and your photograph collection will be the way to revisit your time with me in full, for years to come as a family.

Family Photos by Bertie Victor

Cherished Memories

Using the latest camera technology and prime focus lenses I capture the natural moments and special bond that you have with each other in detail. The little smiles, glances and playfulness can add a beautiful element to your family photograph collection.

The compositon and details of how your photos are taken are thoughtfully considered, and these creative ideas are spread throughout the photo set to showcase your family at it's strongest and most loving.

Beautiful Family Photography by Bertie Victor in Liverpool


We pride our photo sets on being consistent. By that we mean the photos tell a story throughout, the colour tones and feel of the images is regulated so it's looking like the professional collection you deserve.

Some photographers like to make each photo unique on it's own merit, which is usually fine for one or two photos, but at a cost of the collection looking a set of images that were not taken on the same day. Our layflat Photo book option is a great way to tell the natural story of your loving family time.

Family Photograph Pricing

There is a selection of options for your Family session.
Our pricing for the most popular sets are outlined below so you can make an informed decision and enjoy your photography session to the max!

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Want something a little different?

We always want to hear from you if you have something off the wall planned, or want something less than 'traditional' for your family photos, so please get in touch for an informal discussion about what you would like and how we can help!

Family Photography as a gift

We offer gift vouchers for sale to pay towards a photography session with Bertie Victor. Our outdoor sessions for family sets are our most popular package, and we can usually travel to somewhere near you in most cases (contact us below for more info). Bertie Victor photography studio in Southport is spacious and is avaialble to book for a family photo session if you would like something more controlled.

Please click the button below to enquire about gift vouchers direct. We usually repsond within 24 hours. Please note the minimum amount is £40 and can be put towards any of our packages within two years (dependant on availiabilty)

Some extra fun for the family by Bertie Victor

Grab your favourite toys and join the Easter Toy Photography Challenge with me!

Also see our Blog Page for more challenges and activities!

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We want to make sure that both our own, and all client's safety is paramount. We will not take any chances with the pandemic still ongoing until notified by government advice. We want you to feel totally safe and comfortable during our sessions.
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Take care and wash your hands regularly.
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