Casting photography portfolio sets
to suit all model and actor professionals

Stunning collections to suit all styles of model and actor photography, even if you require something totally unique and shows your best side.

Unique Portfolios by Bertie Victor

Traditional doesn't mean boring!

Using the latest Sony cameras and prime lenses I will capture the pure feel of you and your projected aura! Each of us has a look and a style unique to each of us, and I want to imprint that into your modelling or acting portfolio images.

By capturing multiple poses and angles we cover the main basis for a portfolio set, and add quality photographs that are unique to you.

Updated Portfolios by Bertie Victor

Work is just a photoshoot away

One of the biggest hurdles for new models or actors is not having a working portfolio of recent images. These collections need to be updated every six to twelve months to stay relevant and current with moving trends in film and fashion.

Your work is your legacy and we want to ensure you get the gigs you are applying for because your portfolio does what it is supposed to!

Be proud of your Photos by Bertie Victor

Br proud of your work

We want you to leave our photography sessions happy that the set of images are speaking your individual language!
I can offer a bespoke personalised session for all types of visual professions including sports and retail castings, for active-wear and outdoor brands.
I can tailor and customise a photo shoot session to any casting or acting requirements. We welcome you to contact us for a consultation free of charge without any obligation. The first step is talking about your requirements and we can go from there and get the best images possible for your portfolio.

Portfolio Pricing

There are a few different options available for your studio session.

We want to be as transparent as possible
so you can make an informed decision as to what is best for you.

Want something a little different?

I always want to hear from you if you have something different in mind or want something less than 'traditional' so please get in touch for a free & informal discussion about what you require and how I can help!

Contact for a FREE quote

We would love to capture you at your best!

Modelling & Acting Portfolios

Model portfolio photography is a collection of photos that any professional model needs in their promotional package in order to get work. This portfolio is what you use to sell yourself, YOU are your own unique product. The way this modelling or acting portfolio can be displayed is a personal choice, or defined by your agency, but the quality of the photos are what truly matters.

That is where Bertie Victor Photography in Southport can help you. Model and portrait photographer Bertie Victor has a creative mind and has worked with a diverse range of models and VIPs. This experience has given me an extensive range of skills and ideas from shoot after shoot, giving me the ability to photograph stunning books for you to advertise yourself to agencies and casting panels.
A professional modelling portfolio does not have to be daunting to get great results. Having an idea of what you want to get across in your images, or what you would like to promote and advertise is worth thinking about. Bertie Victor photography in Southport can advise you on how to prepare for such a photo shoot, so get in touch to find out when and how we can get you moving up the ladder. I am usually able to travel to the majority of the UK for photography work, so don't be put off by the distance between us!

I cater for all photography in Manchester, Liverpool and the North West. I can shoot on location anywhere in the UK for your photos or you can come to our photography studio in Southport. I have also been known to travel overseas for photography clients so don't hesitate to ask if you're going away.

Are you looking for a model or acting portfolio photographer in the UK?

Bertie Victor is a professional photographer near Liverpool who creates excellent experiences and the best quality model portfolios for models or professionals. Build or extend your portfolio in all aspects of modelling or acting headshots in a spacious studio, or let me come to you. I pride our work on the finer details, and have vast experience in digital editing, composition and retouching. I provide quality modelling and actor photography services in Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Southport, the surrounding areas and all across the UK.

You can Contact us on our pre-made form or - Give us a phonecall
*Terms apply, telephone a UK mobile number - check your tarriffs before calling.

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WE ARE OPEN - taking studio and outdoor bookings!

Please note that we are continuing to sanitise our equipment regularly, taking preventative measures to enforce reasonable social distancing. Masks are worn during studio sessions where necessary and safe to do so.

We want to make sure that both our own, and all client's safety is paramount. We will not take any chances with the pandemic still ongoing until notified by government advice. We want you to feel totally safe and comfortable during our sessions.
We have now opened our large studio for headshot and modelling or acting sessions, and are taking every precaution necessary to ensure your safety throughout.

Take care and wash your hands regularly.
Thank you.

Clean and sanitised equipment and premises by Bertie Victor